Evidence based oral care products: how to assess scientific evidence?

marzo, 2020

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Evidence based oral care products: how to assess scientific evidence?

Prevention of many oral health diseases is connected to the compliance and effectiveness of domiciliar oral hygiene procedures of the patient; moreover, also the maintenance phase after the in office treatment of important oral diseases (e.g. periodontitis, caries) is strongly dependent on it as well (1).

Furthermore, the dental industry has developed and launched on the market many oral hygiene technologies mainly present in toothpastes and mouthrinses that can now be recommended by the dental professional according to the patient’s profile (2).

During this lecture, the main technological features of a toothpaste will be reviewed and the process of how one can analyze and evaluate in terms of scientific evidence its content (i.e. ingredient list and active ingredients) will be explained. This process will be exemplified in the field of dentine hypersensitivity oral care technologies.

The AISO members will receive a product from the sponsoring company Elmex 


1 Tan et al. Aust Dent J. 2009 Sep;54 Suppl 1:S110-7

2 Lippert et al. Monogr Oral Sci. 2013;23:1-14

Short CV of Visiting Researcher Dr. Frederick Daidone (PharmD PhD)

Frederick Daidone holds a master’s

degree in Pharmacy and a PhD in Biochemistry from the La Sapienza University in

Rome. During his PhD he has been involved in the identification in early drug

discovery projects of new lead compounds against biofilm mediated diseases.

Since 2012 he works in the Professional Oral care department of Colgate Italy

engaging with dental key opinion leaders at Italian and European level and

scientific associations for the development and organization of dental

research, publications, lectures and symposia. He is involved in the

organization of scientific trainings to internal sales rep. and internal

functions and in the execution of high impact scientific presentations to

dental professionals and students. His scientific areas of expertise are the physiology and

biochemistry underlying common oral health diseases (caries, dental erosion,

gingivitis, periodontitis, perimplantitis) and their correlation with systemic

health and the mechanism of action and the in vitro and clinical evidence of

active molecules and formulations for their prevention, treatment and



(Mercoledi) 15:00 - 17:00


San Miniato Aula 9b



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Due to coronavirus emergency, the event will not be held anymore in San Miniato, but will be entirely made online, on GMeet.

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